What is the DIY hair mask for damaged hair?

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recipes for at-home hair masks

Many people are facing a lot of problems with their hair. Mainly when it comes to the damage of your hair this will make you face a lot of consequences and also make your mindset completely dull. To overcome all those things you are luckily available with a lot of hair masks that you can make at your home itself with the help of natural products without depending on the market. Even if you buy the products from the market they will make some of the chemical agents on the other hand if you make the product from your home itself this will not contain any sort of chemical substance and they are highly eligible for the growth of your hair without causing any sort of damages. Here are some of the DIY hair masks for damaged hair that you can make use of while you stay back at your home.

Types of hair mask that you can wear

You can make use of coconut oil and sugar. You just need to mix them nicely where this sugar should completely dissolve to the coconut oil and you have to apply them to your scalp region mainly when the temperature is too low. When you feel like the temperature of your body is hot then you can make use of this kind of mask which will make your scalp get cool well this will remove all the exfoliation and make your hair bouncy.

Another way you can make use of honey and coconut oil along with Apple cider vinegar. You just need to blend all of these ingredients for at least five minutes and leave them to settle for about 20 minutes after you apply them to your hair now you just need to take a hair wash. This type of method will be very much helpful for you while this will give you a lot of changes in your hair.

damaged hairLikewise, cinnamon and coconut oil mass can also be used. When you are playing these ingredients into your hair this will promote your blood circulation and gives a good strength to your hair. You just need to massage your scalp for at least 20 minutes and rinse them finally you can even try them weekly.

With the help of this article, you would have got some ideas about the different recipes for at-home hair masks. Try them out so that you will be able to get the best result that you are expecting for.